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Rare Tanzanite and Its Origins

Publié par Edward Casper
Rare Tanzanite and Its Origins

Diamonds are known for being beautiful, unbreakable, and brilliant – but what about rare? Gone are the days when people fell for the idea that diamonds might be so rare that, hurry – you must purchase your tanzanite diamond ring before diamonds run out! In fact, diamonds – while still beautiful, unbreakable, and brilliant – are fairly common tanzanite gemstones in the jewelry industry, and new stones are now more coveted and precious.

One of these newcomers is rare tanzanite, which is actually more than one thousand times more rare than diamonds. And why is that? Because tanzanite is only found in one place in the world – Tanzania, Africa. Most gemstones are mined and found in multiple deposits in different locations, in different countries. Diamonds are a good example of this, found in many different countries – though the 50 largest mines account for approximately 90% of the global diamond supply.

Tanzania, on the other hand, has only one mining area, that produces the entire world’s supply of the gemstone. And tanzanite was only discovered back in 1967, and introduced even later than that to the wider jewelry industry. Thus, tanzanite is rare, and although it has been often utilized as a more affordable option to sapphire (because of its similar coloring to the blue stone), with its finite supply and increasing popularity, I suspect that tanzanite will soon increase in value and demand. That’s why now is the perfect time to purchase tanzanite jewelry or invest in tanzanite, as it is still rare enough to be an incredible value.

After the discovery of tanzanite, although the gemstone crossed oceans and is now worn on the fingers of even the most famous celebrities, it still stays true to its history. Tanzanite in Tanzania is still a widely popular traditional stone and symbol that signifies new beginnings and good luck. In fact, this stone is often given to new mothers and newborns as a charm to bring a happy, healthy life.

If you are looking to purchase a rare tanzanite gift, always remember the countless hours and labor of love that went into creating the stone or jewelry piece that you are now purchasing from an online retailer or store. We should all be thankful for the gifts we receive in this life – and tanzanite is a gift that you can be safe knowing will remain brilliant, beautiful, and meaningful for years to come.

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